Message from the Executive Director


My fellow professionals, Global Water Stewardship (GWS) was established to be a catalyst for development of wastewater systems in developing countries, starting in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is among the most beautiful countries in the world, and we are looking to make sure that their water is just as Pura Vida as their rainforests. Currently, the country only treats 14% of their wastewater, but has plans of implementing many wastewater projects in the near future. GWS has worked closely with our numerous partners in Costa Rica to bring this unique opportunity for you to showcase your products and skills to the emerging Costa Rican wastewater market. We would like to thank ACREH, CFIA and numerous partners to help bring TicoSan 2020 to San Jose, Costa Rica.

Please know that your work and your support of TicoSan will help GWS with all of our social endeavors of WaSH Education, Professional Knowledge Exchange and Student Design and Service Projects for Costa Rica. These efforts allow us to continue our great work in rural communities of Costa Rica and teach the children, students, and professionals throughout the country. Thank you for being an Exhibitor and Sponsor, and welcome to beautiful Costa Rica.

Mohammed Haque
Executive Director of GWS

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