TICOSAN, is a technical wastewater only seminar in Costa Rica and offers water quality professionals with quality education and training. TICOSAN promotes peer-to-peer networking, a forum for business opportunities, and access to innovative technologies.

Costa Rica is among the most beautiful countries in the world, and we are looking to make sure that their water is just as Pura Vida as their rainforests. Currently, the country only treats 14% of their wastewater. The virtual nonexistence of centralized wastewater treatment in the country means that Costa Rica is ready to implement plans to build and improve treatment systems and infrastructure. In March of 2017, Costa Rica approved their first national policy on wastewater sanitation. This long-term national policy outlines plans and projects from 2016-2035. Its funding plan includes $520 million in infrastructure to provide centralized sanitation to the county. That is why GWS is hosting this Costa Rican seminar on wastewater technologies and resource recovery.

Why Attend? Why Exhibit?

TICOSAN offers attendees and exhibitors many benefits: discover the newest innovations and solutions, stay competitive in and relevant in your profession, access business opportunities, and industry networking. The expected audience of 150+ people will be diverse and include regional and local utility managers, design and consultant engineers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, and plant operators and managers.

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