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Global Water Stewardship (GWS) was established in 2013 by the Central States Water Environment Association (CSWEA), a member association of the Water Environment Federation (WEF). Our founders saw a pressing need to address global sanitation issues and decided it was time to use their industry expertise to make a difference. The organization steadily grew utilizing the tremendous talent of CSWEA and WEF water treatment professionals, as well as passionate students and working professionals, from various backgrounds, dedicated to making a positive impact.

In 2017, GWS became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, still working to improve health and quality of life for those lacking sufficient resources and experience in proper sanitation methods. A centralized sanitation system enhances a community’s prosperity and dramatically reduces mortality and poverty. Addressing sanitation is so important that it remains our number one priority today. Explore who we are and what we do by using the buttons below:



Is the District Manager for the Northern Moraine Wastewater Reclamation District and has been involved managing public utilities for 22 years. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Central States Water Environment Association and on the Executive Committee of the Illinois Association of Wastewater Agencies. Mohammed helped form the Global Water Stewardship out of a realization that the talented professionals and students in CSWEA could help the 2.4 billion people lacking sanitation worldwide.



Is a Biological Engineer at Trotter and Associates, Inc, working on water and wastewater projects. Liz earned her Masters in Civil Engineering at the University of Illinois. She is very passionate about international development and public health and has worked on water and sanitation projects in small communities in both Latin America and Africa. She has experience in community outreach, fundraising, and sustainable project implementation.



Is the Director of Operations for the Northern Moraine Wastewater Reclamation District. Joe earned his B.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Platteville in May 2018 and was identified a 2022 Duke WILD Fellow for Emerging Leaders in the water industry. Joe is passionate about student design and continues to help organize the Midwest Student Design Competition and also helps organize the international Student Design Competition at WEFTEC.



Is currently a student at the University of Wisconsin working towards a master’s degree in Sustainable Systems Engineering. She hopes to pursue a career that utilizes her education in both wastewater and sustainability. Jonessa has been involved with GWS for about a year and is excited to take on more responsibility as the Community Design Co-Chair. In her free-time, she enjoys visiting family, playing pickleball, and hanging out with her dog



Is a Senior Environmental Engineer with Baxter & Woodman, Inc. She works in wastewater and water resources design. Amanda is conscious of the effects wastewater can have on the environment and its exponential effect on nature and quality of life. She previously served three terms as Chair from 2015 to 2018 and has been an integral member of GWS since its beginnings.

Brandon Friedland

Public Education & Outreach Chair

Is the Project Manager for Xylem responsible for projects with the Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission’s PCCP Conditions Assessment Program. Brandon earned his B.S. in Business & Economics at the University of Delaware and began his career in water working with start-up manufacturers and equipment representatives. Brandon is a decentralized treatment enthusiast, ASSE Certified Rainwater Harvest System Designer and is studying for his associate degree in Sustainable Horticulture. He is an avid volunteer and advocate for safe drinking water around the world.



Is a Wastewater Project Engineer at Baxter & Woodman, Inc. Guissel received her BS in Civil Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering in 2019. Guissel participated in the GWS student design competition as a student, and since remained involved in GWS concluding graduation. Guissel enjoys using her knowledge in the wastewater field to bring awareness and education to the importance of sanitation.



Is the Executive Director for the Glenbard Wastewater Authority. He graduated from the University of Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering with an environmental emphasis. He previously served as the District Engineer for the Wheaton Sanitary District for 8 years, and has a passion for wastewater treatment so that the environment can be preserved and protected, while also maintaining proper public health. Matt has been on board with GWS since its inception, and has had roles in several committees.

Paulo Rodríguez

Media Director



Global Water Stewardship resolves sanitation issues in developing countries. Our focus i son educating the public and engineering sustainable centralized solutions to keep waterways clean and communities healthy.

GWS became a 501 nonprofit organization

Our Mission
Our mission is to make sure all young people and children get all the support they need, when they need it, no matter what it is.
Whether it is a reassuring conversation, financial help, education, professional training, or simply the assurance that they are not alone, we will make sure that everyone gets support that meets them where they’re at as quickly as possible.
Our Vision
We want to build a world where no child or youth feels alone and gets every possible help they need as soon as possible.
Our entire team wants to see a world where every youngster struggling in any way feels able to reach out and has people who’ll help them with education, jobs, and more. We want to spread out in every region so we’ll be reachable to all.
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We have numbers that push us to give in our best and make sure that we break our own records. We are happy to be growing and helping more day by day.
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